Gianluca Paniz

Gianluca Paniz relatore per Quintessence Poland a Dentopolis 2013
18 maggio 2013

Gianluca Paniz participated at the meeting organized in Kielce, Poland, by Quintessence Poland. Gianluca has been one of the few international speakers sharing the podium with Dr Maciej Zarow from Cracovia. The two dentists discussed with an audience of about 500 dentists about the option to save a tooth or to extract and substitute it with an implant: this is an interesting topic since, thanks to the high success rate of the implants, natural teeth are often extracted and replaced by a dental implant. On the other side, as well discussed in the meeting, dentist should make all the possible efforts to save natural teeth if they are still maintainable. After the congress, thanks to the great host of Dr. Zarow, the group have been able to enjoy the beauty of Cracovia, Unesco World Heritage.

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